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Your Baby Registry: Everything You Want to Leave Out

Your Baby Registry: Everything You Want to Leave Out

This is not your typical baby registry list.

Instead of providing a long list of baby essentials, here’s a list of what to skip! Leave these items off of you registry, so that your friends and family can give you gifts that you will need and use everyday. Not expensive baby gear that will end up on craigslist after only one use.



Wipes Warmer

It's a nice concept. Cozy, warm wipes for your sweet baby's bottom. Sounds like a spa treatment, Right? But, Unless you keep your wipes in the freezer, there's no real reason to warm wipes before using them. Babies don't mind room temp wipes.  Also, when you are out and about and need to change baby in a public restroom or the back seat of your car, heaven forbid you don't have the warm wipes they've become accustomed to. Add this to the list of items you definitely won’t need.

Diaper Pail

When it comes down to it, a small trash can with a lid serves the exact same purpose. No matter what kind of expensive pail you get, nothing completely eliminates the dirty diaper smell. Just make sure to empty your can regularly.  If you have a particularly stinky diaper to dispose of, seal it in a plastic bag before tossing it in the can. Special pails that require a specific kind of liner are just frustrating to use, and cost way more to maintain than a normal trash bags.

Changing Table

You will be changing your baby multiple times throughout the day and night. Most likely you won't be in the same room of the house for every. single. change. Instead of having one, stationary changing table in the nursery. Buy a few changing pads and keep a basket with diapers and wipes in a couple different rooms of your house. This way you won't have to drop everything and carry the baby upstairs to the nursery every time she needs a fresh diaper. If you need a good spot in the baby’s room to store diapering supplies, convert a dresser into a changing station by filling the top drawers with diapering essentials and place a changing pad on top.

Bottle Sterilizer

Once your bottles have been initially boiled in hot water, there's really no need to sterilize them after each use. Hot soapy water or a run in the dishwasher work just as well and are far less tedious. These expensive sterilizers can cost over a hundred bucks and will take up a big spot on your kitchen counter. Try skipping this item and leave room on your registry for something you will actually use, like bottles, nipples and bottle brushes.

Baby Shoes

Other than the adorable shoes you use in your newborn pictures, baby shoes are totally non-essential. Since babies don’t walk, shoes are really an accessory item. To keep baby’s feet warm and cozy,  register for cute socks instead. Lots of cute socks, and in the same color, because those tiny things disappear with each load of laundry.

A Breast Pump

Not that you won't need a breast pump. This is an absolute essential!

Now, most women can get a good quality, new breast pump for free through their insurance. Ask your doctor and see if they can help you submit the paperwork needed to get your breast pump before your baby arrives. When you go to the hospital, you can bring it with you so you can learn how to use it as soon as your little one is born. Ask your nurse if there is a lactation consultant available to help you get a good start.

Nursing Pads

Nursing pads are used to prevent your milk from soaking through your bras. Instead, opt for Lacti-Cups. These life-savers, protect your nipples from friction during the first weeks of breastfeeding, and allow them time to heal. Also, instead of absorbing the milk, Lacti-Cups saves all the leaks, and you can easily build up your breast milk stash without having to pump. Lacti-Cups even helps to prevent engorgement, allowing the milk to flow out effortlessly.

Now that you’ve got your list of what NOT to register for, you can get back to researching all those baby items you will need to add to your baby registry. Preparing your home for a new baby can be hard work, but once all the bottles are washed and baby socks are put away, hopefully you can relax and be confident that you have exactly what you’ll need to care for your new baby. Good Luck!


Lacti-Cups® can help new nursing moms save 4–12 ounces of breastmilk and hours of pumping and cleaning per day.

They can be used in between feedings and while your baby is feeding from the opposite breast, by collecting all the naturally occurring leaks that are usually wasted in nursing pads. 

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