Lacticups and Reusable Breastmilk Storage bags are HSA & FSA Eligible

Wholesale Terms and Conditions

Wholesale Terms and Conditions Agreement.

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Retail Qualifications: To place a wholesale order, you must be registered as a retail business, and submit this “Wholesale Terms and Conditions Agreement” to DC Health and Baby Products LLC, DBA:

Minimum Advertised Price Policy (MAP): Lacti-Cups minimum advertised price policy is to provide our retail partners and consumers with a unified advertised pricing structure, maintain the reputation for high-quality products and provide comprehensive warranty and support services. The MAP policy applies to all forms of advertising including internet, catalogs, ads, emails, etc. By signing this agreement, retailers are committing to not re-sell our products for less than the

MSRP on the order form unless written permission from Lacticups, is given for a special promotion. While retailers are free to conduct business as they choose, Lacticups reserves the right to terminate any account we feel does not honor Lacticups Minimum Advertised Price Policy and require that terminated retailer to return all unsold product immediately, 15% restocking fee will apply.

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***Internet Retailing: Retailers are permitted to re-sell Lacticups products in their own brick and mortar stores and Online on their company store sites ONLY. Lacti-Cups will support retailers with images for the site.

Retailing on aggregators/reseller/Co-op sites, such as Amazon and EBay, is expressly prohibited. Lacticups products will be sold to end customers ONLY. We do not accept 3rd party selling or marketing (i.e., web link for product published on Amazon) on Amazon or any other consumer site. If a retailer violates this policy or the pricing policy, it will be required to immediately return product at its expense plus a 15% restocking fee. *** We are not currently authorizing additional online-only retailers.

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Brand Equity Preservation: Lacticups and its retail partners agree to a unified pricing structure to protect the brand, the products of the company and the margins for our partners worldwide.

Retailers that commit to protecting their margins and our branding and pricing are welcomed partners.

Ordering Process: Upon receipt and approval of your completed Wholesale Agreement and your retailer application, you will be notified that you are an approved reseller.

To order, email: with your order, referencing quantities of Lacti-Cups and other item numbers.

Shipping and Handling: Shipping and Handling charges will be based on weight and size, and shipped via the most cost effective carrier available. If you prefer to ship with your own carrier, please make note while ordering and provide the carrier account number.

Shipping Time: In stock orders will be shipped within 2-3 business days.

Terms: The processing term is Payment in Advance by bank wire or PayPal Payment. Payment must be received in full and cleared by bank before the shipment of goods.

Application & Orders: Lacticups Preferred method for application and order placement is by email to:

By signing this document, I acknowledge I understand and will comply with the Lacticups terms and conditions detailed herein.

Lacticups Reserves the right to make any exceptions or changes to this policy at any time.

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Account Information

Order Contact: _________________________

Store Name: ______________________________________

Sales Tax ID# : _________________________

Website: __________________________________________


Phone: ___________________________________________

Credit Card Information#__________________________________________________

Visa__ MC___ AMEX ____  Exp: __________ CVC#: ________

Bill to Name: ____________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________

City:__________________ State: ___________ Zip Code:_________________


Shipping Information _________________________Same as Billing _______

Address: _____________________________________________________



Preferred Carrier ____Use Company Carrier

Carrier Name: _____________________________________________________

Account Number: __________________________________________________

Email the forms to:

Contact us: 1-855-522-8428 ext 2

Thanks for your interest in Lacticups® Products.