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6 Genius Life Hacks for the Breastfeeding Mom

6 Genius Life Hacks for the Breastfeeding Mom

Being a new mom isn’t easy, and breastfeeding can have challenges as well. Here are six simple breastfeeding hacks to make life a little bit easier!


6 Genius Life Hacks for the Breastfeeding Mom

Heavy Let Down? Try Laid Back Position

Does your baby pop off your breast when you are having a let down? Does she choke, gag or bite? Have you accidentally sprayed her with milk? If you feel like you are fire hosing your baby every time you nurse, you may have an oversupply issue.

Try reclining back onto a pillow and placing baby on top of your breast to nurse, the release of milk goes against gravity, slowing the pressure and lets your baby control the flow of milk. Your supply should even out after a few weeks, but if you feel like you need help, visit your lactation consultant. 

Teething Baby? Try Breast Milk Pops!

If you're exclusively breastfed baby is starting to cut teeth and you want to try something all natural and good for her, freeze breastmilk in an ice cube tray and pop one out next time she gets fussy. You won’t have to worry about any unnatural ingredients and her sore gums will be soothed by the cold milk.

Want Hands Free Pumping? Use an Old Sports Bra!

Make your own pumping bra from an old sports bra. Cut small holes in the cups where the pump flange fits. The bras with a zipper in the front work best, but any old bra will do in a pinch. KellyMom has a great DIY hands-free pumping tutorial online with step-by-step instructions.

Cracked Nipples? Try Breast Milk!

If you are suffering from cracked nipples due to improper latch, teething baby or tongue tie, you can help heal your nipples by using breast milk as an ointment.

Hand express milk and pat onto nipple with your finger, let air dry before applying nipple cream. The antibacterial properties of breast milk will help prevent your breast from becoming infected and speed up healing. top-10-ways-to-prevent-and-treat-sore-nipples

Sick Kid? Frozen Breast Milk Syringes!

Pump and freeze milk into syringes next time your nursing baby is fighting off a cold. This breastmilk will have added antibodies to help fight sick germs.

Even older kids can benefit from the amazing qualities of breastmilk. If your older child or toddler is coming down with a cold, give their immune system a boost with a syringe full of mother’s milk. Some mamas even use these handy syringes for pink eye, diaper rash and ear infections.

Want to Stop Wasting Breastmilk? Switch From Nursing Pads to Lacti Cups!

When every drop counts, and as every breastfeeding mama knows, it counts! Instead of wasting milk by frequently changing soaked through nursing pads, save each precious drop by using a milk saving Lacti Cup instead.

Want to save space in your freezer? Lay milk storage bags flat. 

After you measure and label the storage bag, lay it horizontal so it freezes flat. This way you can stack bags on top of one another and save room in your freezer!

Hopefully you’ve found at least one good idea on this list. If you are still feeling overwhelmed with breastfeeding, the best “life hack” is to get help right away!

You can visit a lactation consultant, join a nursing mamas support group or contact your local La leche League to get the support you need to make your breastfeeding journey a success.



Lacti-Cups® can help new nursing moms save 4–12 ounces of breastmilk and hours of pumping and cleaning per day.

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